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Videographer, Photographer, Content Creator. Filmmaker.

A born story teller with an immense ability to bring any image, thought or design to life using a range of photographic and video equipment. I have extensive experience behind the camera, directing, editing and retaining a professional attitude on a range of sets. 

My portfolio delivers a punch of proclaimed Scandinavian style, clean, minimal but consistently moving. Collaborating with a range of soundtracks, beat matching and sound design deliver cinematic videos that motivate the viewer. Working with large brands and influencers right through to weddings and promotional events. I maintain a consistent and recognisable style throughout that sets my work apart from the rest.


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“Incredibly professional. We have used Tom for all major projects and he's created some awesome films for us. We know we can pair him up with other creators or leave him to get the job done and the content will always be both technically well done and visually engaging.”

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